Housing & Dormitory Services

Starting a new project in Kuwait for the first time or even getting repeated orders?

We have been there and we have gone through it all!

From our experience, we have learned the challenges and constraints new contractors face in Kuwait from finding the right residential area to suit the project site location distance wise and sourcing the buildings to convert and establish into a labor or junior staff living camp.

And even if you have a land allotted to your project from the client for establishing camp, we can provide you with a turn-key ready camp facilities using temporary porta cabins / container houses which is in compliance with the local regulations and your client specification. Ofcourse, the camp will include all the facilities required for your staff and workers safe and comfort living including:

- Sleeping compounds

- Entertainment and living areas

- laundry facilities

- Catering facilities

- First aid clinic

- Security fencing and security entrance office

- Prayer areas

-  Open Area play grounds for your football or basketball or volleyball game