Catering & Laundry Services

‚ÄčFrom our experience in construction projects, we figured out early that workers food is not a joke.

Hard working labour expect their food to be served in time, with good taste, high quality and sufficient quantity. We have to cater for that and also making sure that the environment that the food is being prepared and served at is hygienic.

So from the beginning we made sure that we worked with professional caterers and cooks who have the experience to handle such requirement every day.

Our Caterers have developed several menus to fulfil the requirment for Senior staff, Junior staff and labourers. the challenge does not stop here since we have workers from different nationalities, cultures and religions whom we have to respect their food habits. Hence, we developed different menus to cater for Indians, Arabs, Filipinos as well as western tastes.  In many cases, we have to alternate our menus even within one nationalities to cater for different tastes like vegetarians and Northern & Southern Indians.

‚ÄčApart from Catering services, we also provide our business partners with pre-agreed interval laundry services including pick up and drop back in the camps.