Wether it is a pipeline construction in the middle of the desert which required massive earth work and specialised welding skills or a simple maintenance job for a structure which requires scaffolding erection crew, or an underwater survey work that requires specialised divers we can do it!

We have supported our business partners in several activities in their projects. below are few area which we can bring great value to our business partners:

üConstruction of temporary site facilities and camps
üLabor camp services (catering, laundry, cleaning, etc)
üSenior staff accommodation facilities management
üSupply of skilled manpower
üSupply of vehicles, transport equipment, heavy construction equipment and project's tools
üPiping fabrication and erection
üCross country pipelines automatic welding
    Ductile water and sewage pipelines and associated work construction 
üSteel structural fabrication and erection
üSurface preparation and coating (painting)
üCivil & buildings works
üCables installation under ground/above ground and cables pulling
üScaffolding erection and rental services
üManual & machine excavation and trenching
üSecurity fence and gates supply & installation
üSmall asphalt road works including road diversions
üCommercial diving services for underwater survey, inspection, welding, installations work
  Marine work including wave protectors installation